Australia Just Got Over Two Feet Of Powder!

Australia Just Got Over Two Feet Of Powder!


Australia Just Got Over Two Feet Of Powder!


While we begin to shift our focus in North America toward ski season, the winter in the Southern Hemisphere isn’t quite over yet. Over the weekend, Australian ski resorts saw some major snow storms that grew their base depths. Here are the recent snow totals from Australia’s most famous ski resorts: Perisher Resort has received 65 c.m. (around 25.6 inches) of powder, Hotham Alpine Resort got 63 c.m. (nearly 25 inches) of snow, Thredbo received 53 c.m.(around 21 inches) of the white stuff, and Falls Creek got 52 c.m. (20.5 inches) of snow. While it’s Spring in Australia, it gives the ski resort some of the best conditions of the season so far.

Will the Epic crowds come this weekend since Perisher, Falls Creek, and Hotham are Vail Resorts properties? Probably, but the getting will be good during midweek. Also, kudos to Perisher for using Darude-Sandstorm as a powder day edit song. That’s one of the best bangers to listen to while you’re shredding.

Image/Video Credits: Hotham Alpine Resort(Featured Image), Perisher Resort, Falls Creek


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