Everyone wants to know want kind of winter we should prepare for this year. Whether you hate the cold or love it, live for skiing or live for the beach, I think there’s a good chance you’re spending the early fall wondering how much snow will fall in your area, how cold it will be, and when you can expect it. That’s why we talk about the Farmer’s Almanac and all of the other forms of winter weather prediction months before winter is set to begin.

Today, however, I ask you to take a step back from the speculation, a step back from the whacky formulas, and even a step back from the weather patterns. Instead, let’s just take a look at the averages.

Direct Weather, a widely followed YouTube channel that uploads a multitude of weather related videos including, but not limited to, a full blown winter weather forecast, tropical storm analyses, and plenty of other weather prediction clips, brings us this, less intense prediction video. Rather than a full blown winter prediction, we’re getting a Fall prediction. Specifically, when we can expect the first snowfall of the season. I’ll let the video do most of the talking, but this is based mainly on yearly averages, rather than predictions or measurements of electrical storms on the sun, so it’s a bit more grounded and, in my opinion, a bit more trustworthy.

Image Credit: DirectWeather on YouTube