CBS 4 Colorado, a news station based in Denver, is reporting on an erratic pilot that terrorized boaters on Horsetooth Reservoir in Larimer County over the weekend. The plane later crashed, and is currently being investigated by the FAA and NTSB.

Stephanie Stamos, who witnessed the pilot flying low over Horsetooth and buzzing within feet of boaters, took photos of the pilot’s dangerous maneuvers.

She told CBS 4: “He was so close to the boats I thought he was going to hit the boats. And when you see the picture, it was even closer than I thought it was. His wheel was almost right on top of the boat, and you can see the person in the boat with their hands up,”

Check out the full report below:

Pretty ironic that the pilot crashed after these photos were taken. Officials have reported that only minor injuries were sustained in the incident, and they have yet to release the pilot’s name.

Here’s hoping he gets his pilot license revoked, they slap him with a hefty fine, and they release his name so we can all publicly shame him on the internet.

What a clown.

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