Sandia Peak, NM Won't Open For 2nd Consecutive Season

Sandia Peak, NM Won't Open For 2nd Consecutive Season


Sandia Peak, NM Won't Open For 2nd Consecutive Season


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Alaina Mencinger of the Albuquerque Journal is reporting that Sandia Peak Ski Area will not operate for a 2nd consecutive season.

Ben Abruzzo, General Manager of Sandia Peak Ski Area told the Albuquerque Journal:

“Sandia Peak has for sure had less snow and shorter winters in the past five years than we had seen in the past 20,”

Sandia failed to open last season due to limited snowfall, and didn’t open until January during the ’19-’20 season. The subsequent pandemic outbreak limited the 2020 season to just five weekends.

Sandia Peak rises 10,378 feet above Albuquerque, NM.

Guests can take the famous Sandia Peak Tramway to reach the ski area on the backside of the mountain, or drive around the mountain to reach a parking area at the base.

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^Credit: FACEBOOK/ Sandia Peak Tramway

The ski area is the closest for Albuquerque residents, but major changes will need to made if the ski area is to survive. Most important is a serious investment in snowmaking equipment.

Sandia Peak Ski Area doesn’t mention anything about snowmaking on their website, but multiple sources across the internet claim that the ski area only has snowmaking on 22 of 200 acres. ~10% snowmaking on a ski area that’s barely getting any snow these days just isn’t enough to cut it, unfortunately.

Sandia Peak is one of the southernmost ski areas in the country. It has a decent elevation to be sure, but increasing temperatures as the result of climate change will be the death of it if a major investment in snowmaking isn’t made.

Here’s hoping this tiny gem of a ski area can live on.

Sandia Peak Ski Area Stats

Vertical: 1,700 ft.

Peak Elevation: 10,350 ft.

Trails: 35

Lifts: 4

Skiable Acres: 200

Featured & Header Images Credit: FACEBOOK/Sandia Peak Ski Area

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