WATCH: Pro Mountain Biker Faceplants (Brutal)

WATCH: Pro Mountain Biker Faceplants (Brutal)


WATCH: Pro Mountain Biker Faceplants (Brutal)


Howie Day, singer of the 2003 song Collide said: “Even the best fall down sometimes”, and professional mountain biker Blake Hansen (@handsblakesen) proved him right…😂

Hansen was in Whistler a couple months ago when she eyed up a spicy line down a gravely and steep side of the mountain. Things didn’t exactly go as planned, and well… you’ll see what I mean.

Check out the video below.

@handsblakesen: “I’m having a very nice time in Whistler 🙃

This one was a lil spooky yesterday. I’m learning the hard lesson that speed modulation is really important. If I’d entered slower I wouldn’t have compressed and bounced so hard with all that speed in the middle section. I just really love going fast. We live and we learn. I came out of this with pretty minor injuries which we’re really grateful for. Really psyched on my lil crew this week though, they’ve all been the best. // 🎥 @sports_doug @micaylagatto ✌🏼 @3kels @that.guy.zack @vaeaverbeeck

I’m glad she was all smiles after that scary fall.

Mountain bikers are just built different. They can faceplant, bounce, and slide on a gravel-filled mountain and act like it wasn’t really that big of a deal.

Especially female mountain bikers. It seems like they’re the toughest of the bunch. Salute to all of you female dirt rippers. You inspire me to toughen up.

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