Chocolate Lab Plays Fetch With Friendly Sea Lion (Watch)

Chocolate Lab Plays Fetch With Friendly Sea Lion (Watch)


Chocolate Lab Plays Fetch With Friendly Sea Lion (Watch)


Photographer Liquid Imagery has shared a video of his Chocolate Labrador Retriever Moe and her unlikely pal Sammy, a friendly sea lion that lives in Santa Crus, CA.

Read his description of the interaction and check out the full video below. It seems like this is just beginning of a long and loving friendship.

“Almost every morning I take Moe (Mokuleia) to the beach. She loves it, I love it and it’s been beautiful. She has had a buddy lately who’s been following her every move. Up and down the beach he swims and follows us. We call him Sammy! Anyways Sammy finally introduced himself a couple days ago and swam all the way in.

Moe dropped her ball (she never ever does that) and she waded out a few feet. They ended up smelling each other and went nose to nose for a second, I was blown away. It was obvious they liked each other and sammy even gave a couple soft barks saying hello.”

I hate to be that guy, but I think I need to be that guy for just a moment…

Moe and Sammy’s friendship seems harmless at the moment, and I honestly think it’s really cute, but don’t these kind of wild animal interactions usually end in disaster?

I really hope I’m wrong, but I foresee Sammy getting a little too friendly with another dog or person and having to be put down.

Again, I desperately hope that I’m wrong, and that I’m just a pessimist, but this just stinks of a feel-good internet video that ends in tragedy.

Here’s to hoping that I’m just an idiot. I love Sammy and Moe.

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