Overnight Drive-In Theater Opens In Colorado's San Luis Valley

Overnight Drive-In Theater Opens In Colorado's San Luis Valley

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Overnight Drive-In Theater Opens In Colorado's San Luis Valley


Colorado is, without a doubt, a pretty darn cool state. There’s plenty to do, but nearly all of those activities are, well, active. Now don’t get me wrong, I love being outdoors and experiencing the different forms of nature Colorado has to share, but sometimes you just want to watch a movie or spend the night at a cool location.

If you’re ever making the drive down 285 heading towards Great Sand Dunes National Park, it may be worth it to check out The Frontier Drive-Inn, a drive-in movie theater/inn experience. First opened in 1955, the Frontier Drive-Inn initially lasted a solid 30-years, closing in 1986. In 2016, the shuttered theater was taken in by a new owner with the goal of bringing back the joy it once created. After restoring the original 40′ screen and neon sign as well as adding several overnight possibilities, the Frontier Drive-Inn has re-opened.

Currently, there are two room options available for guests. The Steelmasters fit 1-2 guests and have an en-suite bathroom, heated floors, and semi-private deck. The Yurts also fit 1-2 guests, but do not have an en-suite bathroom. Instead, they’re clustered around a bathhouse and gas fire pits. Each Yurt has an in-unit pellet stove, queen bed, and a sitting area. More housing options will be added as time goes on.  Guests are meant to bring their own food and cook inside the communal kitchen. There’s also an option to rent out kitchen supplies.

There’s a ton more additions planned for the future of the Drive-Inn, including different art installations and other attractions for guests. All in all, the locations isn’t meant to be a week long camping adventure, it’s meant to be a wicked cool experience for you to stop and enjoy while checking out the other cool locations in and around the San Luis Valley. I certainly hope to make my way down there and stay for a night or two in the very near future.

Image Credit: Frontier Drive-Inn on Instagram

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