Sunday River's New 8-Pack Chairlift Is Big, Beautiful, & Annoying

Sunday River's New 8-Pack Chairlift Is Big, Beautiful, & Annoying


Sunday River's New 8-Pack Chairlift Is Big, Beautiful, & Annoying


I really ruffled some feathers a couple of weeks ago when I wrote an opinion piece about Boyne Mountain Resort’s new 8-pack chairlift. I just couldn’t wrap my head around how such a small ski area could accommodate the uphill capacity of an 8-pack high-speed monstrosity.

Less people in line means more people on the hill, right? That’s a pretty simple thing to understand, but some Boyne diehards just couldn’t accept the fact that their favorite ski resort might be making a bad decision for the overall skiing experience.

Unfortunately, I foresee over-crowded slopes in the near future for Boyne Mountain Resorts.

You can read that article here.

Jordan 8 Chairlift

Boyne Mountain Resort is owned by Boyne Resorts (obviously).

Boyne has sunk millions of dollars to install these big brand-new 8-pack chairlifts from lift manufacturer Dopplemayr across their properties. Sunday River, ME will join that list of resorts with an 8-pack chairlift this season.

I don’t have the same criticisms about Sunday River getting an 8-pack as I did for Boyne Mountain Resort, as Sunday River is objectively a much larger mountain, but I guess I’m just annoyed.

Jordan 8 Chairlift

Just because a resort can install one of these new 8-pack chairlifts, does that mean that they should?

This might be a ‘Old Man Yells At Cloud’ moment, but I hate this new wave of high-capacity, high-speed lifts. Call me stupid, idiotic, unreasonable, or whatever, but I just don’t like them. Point blank.

I cringed while watching the update video below on Sunday River’s new 8-pack. There’s just something about these high-tech monstrosities that triggers me.

I’ll explain more after you watch the video.

Be prepared as I drop an unpopular opinion on you- I love slow, fixed-grip chairlifts. Seriously. I really do.

Is flying up the mountain at break-neck speeds nice to maximize your runs on a powder day? Sure. But, I’d prefer a nice meandering pace up the mountain if it means I have more time to talk with my friends and family I’m skiing with, and/or meet some new friendly faces.

The ski industry is predicated on technological advancements, so there’s literally no purpose to my useless dribbling, but I’d go crazy if I didn’t stand my ground.

^Madonna Chair at Smugglers’ Notch Resort. Credit: Matt Lorelli/Unofficial Networks

All of you fancy folks can have fun on your high-speed lifts, and while I’ll obviously ride them whenever I have to, I’ll always prefer the slow fixed-grip lifts of yesteryear.

I can’t wait to see the hate I get in my email inbox this time.

You guys really get triggered when I speak negatively on these 8-pack chairs… 😂

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