WATCH: Tanner Hall's Iconic 'Yearbook' Segment (2004)

WATCH: Tanner Hall's Iconic 'Yearbook' Segment (2004)


WATCH: Tanner Hall's Iconic 'Yearbook' Segment (2004)


The year is 2004 and Tanner Hall, aka ‘The Ski Boss’, is riding high after winning multiple X Games gold medals, and dominating the park scene for consecutive season.

So, what does T-Hall do? Does he stay in his lane skiing park and going big off perfectly-formed kickers and rails? No. Hall films a ground-breaking segment with Matchstick Productions that shows he can freeride ski about as well as he can in the park.

It’s been 18 years since ‘Yearbook’, and it’s easy to see how Hall has shaped skiing every since.


Matchstick Productions: “Our second installment of Segment Saturday brings out this banger from the “Ski Boss” himself. A young Tanner Hall throws down in 2004’s “Yearbook”. From the park, to the streets, to big mountain Tanner has really done it all. This segment is no exception to that.”

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