Tony Hawk On The News In 1986 (Vintage Clip)

Tony Hawk On The News In 1986 (Vintage Clip)


Tony Hawk On The News In 1986 (Vintage Clip)


CBS 8 San Diego profiled a young Tony Hawk at his Carlsbad home back in 1986, surely unaware how successful the phenom would become.

Hawk was already doing pretty well for himself at 18-years-old, but who could have predicted that he would become the international superstar that transcended skateboarding that he is today?

Well, nobody, and that’s why it’s fun to watch a young pimpled-face Birdman before he truly exploded onto the scene.

Hope you enjoy this clip as much as I did. I could feel the 1980’s counter-culture vibes exuding from my screen. So rad.

“The Carlsbad skateboarding phenom Tony Hawk was 18 years old when CBS 8’s Linda Mour met him at his home. He showed off his signature moves and talked about how strange it was to be recognized on the streets. He was in movies and commercials and had his own clothing line. Once all the fame and fortune has passed, then he’ll go to college, Mour said. In 2022 fame and fortune hasn’t passed and likely never will.”

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