World Famous Corbet's Cabin To Be Replaced With New Summit Lodge

World Famous Corbet's Cabin To Be Replaced With New Summit Lodge

Jackson Hole

World Famous Corbet's Cabin To Be Replaced With New Summit Lodge


“We understand the attachment that people have to the existing building. We have tried to make the new facility look and feel like a mountain refuge where possible. But the existing building is not nearly large enough for the current demand by visitors both winter and summer.”Bill Schreiber,  Director of Engineering and Planning for Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

A new lodge will be replacing Corbet’s Cabin at the top of Jackson Hole. Buckrail reports that a new summit lodge will replace the legendary Corbet’s Cabin. Construction could begin on the new lodge in 2023, and it will potentially open during the 2025-26 season, with the old Cabin closing after the Summer of 2025. The loss out of what will likely be a stunning new lodge will be Corbet’s Cabin, a legendary waffle restaurant that has been a favorite among guests for decades.

Jackson Hole’s Environmental Assessment (EA) documents describe the fifty-seven-year-old Corbet’s Cabin “as a temporary, construction-related facility with wooden footings when the Tram was constructed in 1965.” Jackson Hole has also described the lodge as “outdated and undersized.” 

Some features of the new lodge will include a one hundred and eighty-seat restaurant, a deck with seventy seats, restrooms, a room for ski patrol, an ADA-accessible walkway, a summer interpretive center, a weather station, and a basement for mechanical gear and storage. The new lodge will be “west of the existing structure, up against the earth that forms the very top of the mountain.” One more difference will be that avalanche equipment, which was stored at Corbet’s, will be moved to a ridge that’s about 300 feet southwest of the new facility.”According to Jackson Hole, here’s what the construction process will look like. If they approve the construction costs this winter, excavation will begin in June of 2023. The first summer would consist of building the foundation, and installing the utilities before the snow falls, and then they’ll stop construction until the following offseason.  In 2024, they will create the building shell, and work on the interior will continue into the following winter season. Work on the building and the demolition of Corbet’s Cabin will occur in 2025, with the grand opening set for the 2025-26 season.

Some parts of the old building will be removed and added to the new structure. With the waffles being a beloved part of the Jackson Hole experience, I imagine they’ll find some room for a new waffle station. Image Credits: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort 

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