WATCH: Breaching Whale Lands On Boat

WATCH: Breaching Whale Lands On Boat


WATCH: Breaching Whale Lands On Boat



A video of a breaching humpback whale in Plymouth, MA is starting to make waves across the internet. The huge whale breaches out of the water and slams a boat that’s moored nearby.

Don’t worry though, the people on the boat and the whale are all confirmed to be okay after the scary incident.

Watch the video below:

What does one do after their boat gets slammed by a 60,000 pound whale? Do you start sailing into shore? Do you thank the lord above that you’re not all dead? Do you cry? Do you laugh? Do you scream?

I’m not a drinker anymore, but I think I would have poured a shot of something and toasted Poseidon himself.

Divine intervention is the only logical explanation as to how nobody was hurt or killed.

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