For Sale: The Ultimate Ski-In, Ski-Out Property Located Within Palisades Tahoe

For Sale: The Ultimate Ski-In, Ski-Out Property Located Within Palisades Tahoe


For Sale: The Ultimate Ski-In, Ski-Out Property Located Within Palisades Tahoe


A new developer has released plans to construct an immaculate home on the most unique property in Tahoe, and perhaps the entire USA.

The DYAD, as it’s being called by Tahoe Mountain Realty, is located within Palisades Tahoe Resort, but is privately owned.

The property is directly under The Gold Coast Funitel, adjacent to the Sunnyside ski run, and provides the best views of the famous KT Fingers from anywhere on the mountain.

It’s essentially the ultimate ski-in, ski-out property and the new developer wants to build a James Bond-style mansion for $12.5 million. Crazy, right?

^The Bond Lair Garage

What’s even more interesting, in my humble opinion, is that a true ski bum house affectionately known as ‘The Fish Bowl’ used to reside on the property. The old house got its nickname because skiers riding the Wa She Shu lift could see directly into the home.

The Fish Bowl was eventually abandoned, but the Unofficial Networks founders have fond memories of the home back in the day. In fact, Unofficial Network’s original HQ was located right next to The Fish Bowl.

^Location of The DYAD

It’s a shame that the property couldn’t be preserved as a ski bum paradise, but that’s just the nature of ski resort real estate these days.

Specifics on square footage, bathrooms, bedrooms and other details haven’t been made available yet, but the concept photos alone should be enough to let your imagination run on how immense this home will be.

^The Golden Egg entrance to The DYAD

All we know so far is that the property will include the immaculate ‘Peak Residence’, an underground garage known literally as ‘The Bond Lair’, and an entrance gate called ‘The Golden Egg’ for obvious reasons.

“The DYAD of Olympic Valley is a collection of properties aggregated thoughtfully over time distinct in prestigious slopeside setting, premium views, and design optionality. Laid unlike any other across ski slope within North America’s most renown resort, Palisades Tahoe, providing the most direct and exclusive ski-in and ski-out access in all of ski country.

Conceptual plans are in hand for a commanding mountain lodge and a cutting-edge underground garage and entertainment venue offering what will one day be among the most iconic mountain properties in the world.

Situated along Palisades Tahoe’s Sunnyside ski slope, directly adjacent to the Gold Coast Funitel and Wa She Shu Chairlift, The DYAD of Olympic Valley will provide unparalleled ski-in, ski-out access as if the mountain were privately owned.

^The property map shows an underground entrance from Granite Chief road.

Whoever shells out $12.5 million to build this property will immediately establish themselves as a local celebrity in Palisades Tahoe by default.

Stay tuned here at Unofficial Networks for any updates regarding The DYAD moving forward.

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