'Plastic Wrap Hammock' Is The Dumbest Thing I've Ever Seen

'Plastic Wrap Hammock' Is The Dumbest Thing I've Ever Seen


'Plastic Wrap Hammock' Is The Dumbest Thing I've Ever Seen


The internet is a stupid place, friends.

I’ve never understood why there’s such a huge audience for the ‘life hack’ style videos where people try to invent ‘creative’ ways to create cheaper alternatives to expensive products. It’s just a dumb internet trend that caught like wildfire across social media platforms.

I think I stumbled across the dumbest such ‘life hack’ video I’ve ever seen. It involves a woman creating a covered hammock out of plastic wrap that sent my rage into the ‘beyond triggered’ status.

Check out the video below and I’ll explain what I mean afterwards.

How angry are you now? Are you ready to write a bunch of nasty comments shaming this person for their idiocy? Yeah. Me too.

First off, it’s 2022. Who in their right mind would think that posting a video using dozens of rolls of plastic wrap to make a hammock would do well on the internet? Pretty much everybody in the world is accepting of climate change and environmental preservation efforts. It’s just plain dumb.

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Like, yeah. Go ahead and make a stupid hammock you use one time out of enough plastic to wrap an elephant for internet clout. Stupid.

Second, you know that hammock is going to be hot and moist as hell, right? Laying in that thing is probably equivalent to sitting in a sauna for an hour.

The only thing I can think of that would explain this crime against humanity is if a plastic wrap company produced it as a marketing ploy. They thought they could cash in on the life hack trend and get people to buy plastic wrap en masse.

I’m still angry about this video. I need to calm down. I’m going to take a walk. Bye. I hope I didn’t ruin your day.

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