Massive Herd Of Lambs Cause Adorable Colorado Traffic Jam (Video)

Massive Herd Of Lambs Cause Adorable Colorado Traffic Jam (Video)


Massive Herd Of Lambs Cause Adorable Colorado Traffic Jam (Video)


If you live in Colorado (specifically the Denver area and I-70, only because that’s the are that I’m used to driving in) you’ve probably experienced some pretty rough traffic jams. Hell, yesterday, I was driving home after picking my car up from the car mechanics, a drive which would normally take about 20 minutes, and it was nearly doubled because of an accident ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HIGHWAY (there were no safety or rescue vehicles on my side, it was just because people were slowing down to look).

Whether traffic is caused by accidents, rough on-ramps, people riding each other’s bumpers way too much, or simply a slight turn in the highway when there’s a slight drizzle, Colorado traffic is often quite horrid. I’m not saying it’s the worst city, I’m just saying I’ve never been as frustrated driving as I am driving in Colorado. While the traffic generally pisses me off quite a bit, I can’t say I’d be too upset if I encountered this traffic jam.

Filmed on County Road 501 between Durango and Bayfield, these lovely little lambs certainly would have been worth the wait. In fact, any animal causing a traffic jam would generally be worth the wait, in my opinion, as we don’t own this world, we’re just living in it (except for geese. If a goose was causing a traffic jam, I’d be pretty upset. I strongly dislike geese). My only prayer is that they’re being raised for their wool and not the other thing that lambs are often raised for (though I do love me some tasty lamb chops).

Image Credit: Rocky Mountain PBS on Twitter

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