Keystone Ski Patrollers Introduce The World To Beer Darts

Keystone Ski Patrollers Introduce The World To Beer Darts

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Keystone Ski Patrollers Introduce The World To Beer Darts


As a recently graduated college student, I’m no stranger to the surplus of different drinking games that exist in this world. One or more of many games, including rage cage, stump, beer pong, pizza box, and, most popular at my alma mater, beer die, could be found at nearly every party around my school, whether they were just for fun or intended to increase the drinking rates of those attending.

I found myself introduced to a new game at least once a year, having to master the techniques that go into the game as fast as possible, or suffer the consequences. Never in my life have I been made aware of a new game and thought, “darn, I wish I was introduced to this game earlier”, until today.

Though the game was not invented by Jonathan Cernanec and Ryan Kryak, the two Keystone ski patrollers became some of the first, and certainly the most successful, to kickstart a business selling Beer Dart kits to spice up your darties using their Covid-19 stimulus checks. The rules to the game are simple. Standing ten feet apart, the two players set full beers at their feet, each with a dart in hand. Players then take turns throwing the dart at their opponents beer can, aiming to stick the projectile into the metal. If the dart sticks into the can, the player with said beer at their feet must drink until the liquid that sits below the hole created by the dart. If the dart lands in the top of the can, the player must finish their beer.

While you could certainly play this game with a set of darts you have laying around, Cernanec and Kryak sell kits with can holders to ensure the beer won’t fall over, two darts, a bottle opener, and two backboard clips. The backboard clip allows player to place some form of cardboard box behind the beer, protecting their lovely skin from a nice pierce from a dart. That feature is, of course, optional, so those, like Cernanec and Kryak, who crave the more extreme sides of life, are able to play with some danger involved.

The regular starter kit sells for $45, though a glow in the dar option is available for $65. I don’t know about you, but I’m fully prepared to introduce this lovely game to the next part I attend (and if I can convince anyone, I’ll try to run it without the backboard).

Image Credit: Beer Darts on Instagram

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