Skiing A Colorado 14er In June (Watch)

Skiing A Colorado 14er In June (Watch)


Skiing A Colorado 14er In June (Watch)


I am happy to report that people willing to work for their turns are still enjoying sliding on snow in Colorado!

The YouTube algorithm served up this tasty video from Nick’s Colorado Channel to me this morning, and I’m ever-so-grateful that it did.

Conditions look a little rough up there on Mt. Evans, but skiing is skiing and this group definitely did some skiing. That’s something a lot of us haven’t been able to say for months now.


Nick’s Colorado Channel: “Though the chairlifts have stopped turning for the season in Colorado, that doesn’t mean the skiing has to stop. A Motley crew of unlikely candidates make their way to the top of Mount Evans in Colorado which towers over the front range at 14,265 feet. Laughing in the face of danger and flirting with disaster they descend like marauders upon their mountain bounty, leaving a wake of powdery dust in their trail. With the rocky walls of the Mountain closing in on both sides like the gates of Argonath, backcountry skiers and snowboarders find themselves navigating through a landscape unlike many others. A landscape that instills awe and wanderlust for nature. Yet when the clouds rumble and turn dark, and the snow falls from the sky like whizzing pellets of frozen ice it is time to take cover. Remember to stay safe out there and use avalanche precautions and smart riding even in the late season / summer skiing. Are you silly, I’m still gonna send it!”

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