Today We Salute These Colorado Ski Industry Standouts

Today We Salute These Colorado Ski Industry Standouts


Today We Salute These Colorado Ski Industry Standouts


Colorado Ski Country USA honors standout employees across the industry with their annual Double Diamond Awards. The awards range from Groomer of the Year to Food & Beverage Professional of the Year.

You can read the full Colorado Ski Country USA Double Diamond Awards press release here.

I thought it would be fun to give these hardworking employees some extra shine. So without further ado, let’s jump into the Colorado Ski Country USA Double Diamond Awards with a little bit of Unofficial humor just to spice things up!

Kannon Thompson, Monarch Mountain

-Groomer of the Year

“Starting as a new operator 7 years ago, Kannon moved up the ranks at Monarch Mountain by taking initiative on special projects and additional loops. With Kannon leading the grooming operations at the start of the season, Monarch was able to open 22 groomed runs on just 22 hour notice, far exceeding the 9 that were expected.”

Today we salute you, Kannon.

Not only do you have one of the coolest name we’ve ever heard of, you are also a world-class groomer. Your dedication to flattening all of the ‘fun’ out of the trails is appreciated by many.

Lesser men would be opposed to spending hours pushing snow around with a glorified high-powered golf cart on tank tracks, but that’s what sets you apart.

So crack open an ice cold Budweiser mister Groomer GOAT.

Patrick Cooke, Aspen Mountain

-Snowmaker of the Year

“Over his years at Aspen Mountain, Patrick has been instrumental in the enhancement of the resort’s snowmaking platform, installing new lines, pumps, and communications upgrades. The excellent product Aspen is able to produce is a testament to Patrick and his team’s knowledge and dedication. Members of his crew are thrilled to work with him, and say they will continue to come back to his team year after year.”

Today we Salute you, Patrick.

Your tireless effort in making snow across hundreds of acres of terrain is a largely thankless profession. Skiers complain if you don’t make enough of it, despite the fact that only you and GOD have the skills to pull it off.

So crack open an ice cold Budweiser mister Snowmaking Samurai.

Tom Hickok, Winter Park

Instructor of the Year

“For the past 24 years, Tom Hickok has taught generations of Winter Park guests how to ski. Tom is consistently raved about by his guests and has no shortage of returning students eager to continue to ski. When not teaching students, he is supporting his fellow instructors as a mentor, leading training clinics both on and off the snow – totaling 158 hours of peer training this past season. Tom’s commitment to the professional development of himself and his peers is the reason Winter Park’s instructors are more thoroughly certified than ever before.”

Today we salute you, Tom.

You have dealt with temper tantrums, snotty noses, entitled parents, and screaming kids for nearly a quarter of a century. Rather than pick a profession that has less of these unfavorable interactions, you’ve committed to helping people learn a dangerous sport.

For that, we thank you.

So crack open an ice cold Budweiser mister Instructing Idol.

Lindsay Wiebold, Arapahoe Basin

Patroller of the Year

“Lindsay has been a valuable member of the Arapahoe Basin team for nearly four years, starting as a Stage 3 patroller in October 2018. Since then her determination and work ethic has been exemplary, earning her the role of Supervisor in 2021. Her eye for detail and initiative has been noticed by her peers, earning her ‘A-mazing’ recognition, the resort’s award for excellence among their employees.”

Today we salute you, Lindsay.

Ski patrollers jump at the responsibility of saving people’s lives in stressful situations, handling explosive ordinances to mitigate avalanches, and working in extreme weather conditions for the safety of others.

You might be a little bit insane, but we’re grateful you’re channeling your desire for danger into a profession that helps others.

So crack open an ice cold Budweiser miss Prolific Patroller.

Click here for the full list of Double Diamond Awards presented by Colorado Ski Country USA.

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