I want to make a few things very clear right away. I was not paid, encouraged, or given anything from Nordica to write this review. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever even spoken with a Nordica rep.

This review of the Nordica Enforcer 94 is 100% organic. Let me explain.

I was on a trip to Sun Valley back in mid-January. I demoed a pair of Stöckli Laser ARs for the first day at the resort. It was a glorious, sunny day that I spent ripping Sun Valley’s pristine groomed runs from 8AM-4PM, and the Stöckli skis were perfect for the conditions.

It snowed about 2-3″ later that night, and I wanted something a little more playful for the following day. Conditions were still very firm, but I figured a little bit of dust on crust could make terrain in Sun Valley’s new Sunnyside expansion skiable.

I went down to the demo shop and the guy working suggested I try out the Nordica Enforcer 94s. I’ve heard a lot from my east coast friends about how much they love the Enforcer 100s, but I feel like the 94s have been flying a little bit under-the-radar.

I’m 5’11” (No. I’m not one of those guys that rounds up to 6′. I have enough humility to admit to my shortcomings), I weigh about 210 lbs., and I’d say I’m a pretty-halfway-decent-sort-of-good skier who likes to keep his skis on the ground.

I can ski just about anything that’s in-bounds.

It might not be pretty, but I’ll get down it with some east coast technical turns ya know?

Anyways, the point of me rambling about myself is to explain why I chose the 186cm model.

Nordica Enforcer 94 (186cm) Dimensions/Specifications:
Sidecut: 127.5-94-115.5
Radius (M): 18.2
Construction: ENERGY 2 TI
Factory Base Bevel: .9°
Factory Side Bevel: 88°
Weight: 4.03 KG

The Nordica Enforcer 94 immediately impressed.

I was amazed with how smooth it felt on the cord. Remember, I had been ripping those Stöckli Laser ARs the day before, and I legitimately didn’t feel a drastic difference in how the Enforcer 94s performed.

I was able to transition edge-to-edge with ease skiing at high-speeds on 3,000-foot vertical runs. The Enforcers weren’t as fast as the Stöcklis, but they extremely stable at any speed.

^Looking at Seattle Ridge from the top of Lefty Bowl at Sun Valley Resort. Photo Credit: Matt Lorelli/Unofficial Networks

The Enforcer 94s feel like you’re strapped into two high-speed tank tracks. That might sound unappealing to some, but I’m telling you- it’s an absolute blast. It’s the perfect ski for my style.

They were admittedly a little bit heavy, and not as nimble as I would prefer for a bump and trees ski, but that’s what you want out of a true all-mountain ski, right?

I had a blast taking the Enforcer 94s down the seemingly-endless tree run in the Sunnyside expansion at Sun Valley. I found them to handle best when I took medium-speed methodical turns. I made sure to lay the edges down whenever I could, and crush through any crud laying on top of the bumps.

All of these ski manufactures are claiming that they sell a ski that you can take in any condition, and the Nordica Enforcer 94 is that ski for me.

I had another opportunity to try the Enforcer 94s out when I was at Alpine Meadows just a couple of weeks ago.

^Ice, graupel, rain, wet snow, wind. Was this California or Vermont? Photo Credit: Matt Lorelli/Unofficial Networks

The conditions were variable, to say the least, and I picked out a pair from the demo shop to really test what these skis could do.

The day started with frozen hard-pack groomers. The Sierras had been experiencing the freeze-thaw cycle daily, and this morning felt firm.

It reminded me of those good ol’ days of skiing out east. Nobody is thrilled at the sound of scraping metal edges on ice, but everybody is trying to make the most of it.

I was able to lay down some carves on some of the less-firm sections of the resort. Again, I couldn’t get over how the Enforcer 94s didn’t chatter at all. I felt stable, and comfortable. That’s all you can really hope for in these conditions.

That’s when the snow started dumping. It was about 33-degrees at the base, and the snow was coming down in big, wet flakes. The wind was howling, and lightning caused brief lift closures around the resort. I went inside to dry off and grab a snack.

I came back out once the lifts started running, and was pleasantly surprised to see about 2″ of snow had fallen in about an hour. It was still coming down.

^Low-vis and dumping wet snow. The Enforcer 94s handled it all for me that day at Alpine. Photo Credit: Matt Lorelli/Unofficial Networks

I skied the rest of the day in soft-ish snow on top of hard-pack ice and the Enforcer 94s were excellent. They cut right through the crud, and gave me a nice edge to hold while skiing trees and groomers the rest of the day.

I really felt like those skis could handle any conditions on that weird day at Alpine. I mentioned it once already, but the Enforcer 94s felt like an all-terrain tank.

Stable on ice, playful enough in soft snow, and fun to rip around the entirety of the mountain. They get an A+, five stars, and two thumbs-up from me.

I know some of you big mountain freeriders are probably scoffing at this review, and that’s okay! I’m just saying that the Nordica Enforcer 94s are perfect for my skiing style.

The Enforcer 94s aren’t a ski for everybody.

Specifically, I think they are a fantastic option for the advanced east coast skier looking for a daily driver, and the west coast skier looking for something that will handle early-season and late-season conditions.

I normally prefer a ski with a waist-width around 100-105mm, but the Enforcer 94s have changed the game for me. I had so much fun getting slightly under the soft snow, and charging through it.

I can’t wait to get back on them!

Again, I wasn’t paid, encouraged, or asked to write this review.

I legitimately just fell in love with these skis this season, and felt like I should share that with all of you. I hope you enjoyed reading.

Shoot me an email if you want to talk about skis! Have you tried out the Nordica Enforcer 94s this season? What did you think? Is there another ski out there that’s your Unofficial Ski of The Year?

I’d love to hear from you: matt@unofficialnetworks.com

Product Images Credit: Nordica