Bentonville, Arkansas Leaders Stake Claim as Mountain Biking Capital of the World™ - Runway Group

Arkansas might not be a top 5 guess for ‘Mountain Bike Capital of the World’, but the little town has a lot to offer thanks to millions of dollars of investment from The Walton Family.

Unbeknownst to me, the town of Bentonville, AR is home to 28 miles of award-winning mountain biking trails located within the town’s various parks. An additional 40+ miles of trails can be accessed within minutes outside of town.

Bentonville Mountain Bike Trail Map

You can literally ride your bike from downtown Bentonville and be on a world-class trail within minutes.

How many cities across the US can say the same?

Check out this video from mountain biker Dylan Stark of the various trails around Bentonville, AR, and go read more about the trail system at Bike Bentonville.

Seems like visiting Bentonville is a no-brainer for every mountain bike enthusiast out there.

Featured Image Courtesy: Arkansas Outside

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