Massive Snake Found In Indiana Lake

Massive Snake Found In Indiana Lake


Massive Snake Found In Indiana Lake


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Welp. My confidence swimming in Midwestern lakes just took a massive hit… Two Indiana boaters discovered a dead 4-foot, 5-inch snake floating in the waters of Brookville Lake, Indiana. The snake was discovered with a fish still in its mouth.

Amber Conley’s Facebook post has been shared thousands of times. It seems like the entire internet is utterly freaked out over the massive serpent.

Conley hinted that she’s “never swimming in the lake again.”.

I don’t blame her…

“BOAT 4 SALE! 😤 While fueling up today, we came across a dead snake that had choked on a huge fish. 1 down, about 3 million to go 😆Side note: I’m never swimming in the lake again”

Snakes are creepy. Don’t let anybody try to convince you otherwise.

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