Meet The World's Fastest Electric Scooter

Meet The World's Fastest Electric Scooter


Meet The World's Fastest Electric Scooter


The term “scooter” tends to make people think of the Razor Scooters they rode as a kid or the Bird electric scooters that took over nearly every city in the nation for what felt like only a few months, but there’s a whole world of sports that take place on the two wheeled devices. Most popular is trick scooters, which have been a part of the Nitro Circus for some time, but there’s also a following for racing scooters, designed for high speed and incredible handling while ripping across multiple different types of terrain.

The RION RE90 Electric Scooter supposedly stands as the fastest racing scooter available on the market today. With Dual Ventilated RION motors and an aluminum frame, it has a top speed of 70mph and a range of 40-50 miles. It is the top of the line sports car of the scooter world, and with a cost $6,700, it’s priced that way too.

Love the idea or hate the idea, this thing seems pretty darn fancy, but it’s obviously not for everyone. This is a racing scooter, meant for people who intend to race their scooter. It’s not a scooter for your average person to get to work with. If you’re looking for that, Bird sells their scooters for $599 (still feels a bit expensive if you ask me…). It is, however, a cool (and kind of goofy) notion, knowing that there are people ripping around on electric scooters in full blown motorcycle gear. It certainly brings a smile to my face…

Image Credit: Alien Rides on YouTube

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