YouTube channel lifeofluke traveled to the hot springs with his dog and buddy by taking a 6.5 hour canoe across Pitt Lake, and then biked the remaining 13 miles to the hot springs.

The pools sit adjacent to the aquamarine Pitt River in British Colombia.

This video is ‘long’ but is certainly worth the watch. The landscapes and views of the scenery along Pitt Lake and Pitt River are incredible.

lifeoflukeGetting to Pitt River hot springs is kinda like an adventure triathlon: you paddle a canoe, then bike, then swim (if you count soaking) in the hot spring. It is challenging to get to, but absolutely worth all the effort. Here is the video of our experience. Thanks for watching! Video and editing by Luke Gibson. If you liked this video, you can buy me a coffee at this link:

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