What Skiing Tuckerman Ravine Is All About (Video)

What Skiing Tuckerman Ravine Is All About (Video)


What Skiing Tuckerman Ravine Is All About (Video)


I know that Tuckerman Ravine and Mount Washington’s snowfields are recognized by most skiers and snowboarders as the best big-mountain backcountry terrain on the east coast, but I feel like some you westerners still don’t really get the picture.

You think us east coast elites just slide on mostly-flat, narrowly-cut trails plagued by sheets of ice, and while you’re not entirely wrong, I’d like to submit the video below from Tuckerman Ravine and Mount Washington, NH to sway your opinion.

Is the snowpack terrible? Well, yeah, but look at the Sierra right now… You can’t tell me that the conditions in the video below are any worse.

Well done to Andrew Drummond for capturing the essence of Mount Washington in the video below.

Keep reppin’ the east for all of us out there!

Andrew Drummond: “Snowfields / Chute Variation South / Lower Lip / Sherbie – A typical spring tour where it’s still very much winter up high and spring down low.”

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