Retro snowboard brand Kemper, which was relaunched in 2019, has announced that they will be releasing an NFT group meant to honor the snowboards of the 80s and 90s. The group will be released and supported by the SIMBA Market as a part of the Gravity Sports Group’s “Riders Collective” NFT collection.

CEO of Kemper Jib Hunt believes that the combination of NFT technology and Kemper’s style will act as an important step in marrying the digital and physical worlds.

“It’s time to marry the digital and physical universes among collectibles and products. The value of owning a digital NFT that is tied to a physical product, snowboards in our case, is the next evolution of NFTs. It’s been my mission for Kemper Snowboards to be the first to do it in the action sports world and it has become a reality thanks to SIMBA Market and Riders Collectiv.” Jib Hunt, CEO of Kemper

I don’t understand NFTs whatsoever. Everything I’ve seen surrounding them makes them seem like both a passing phase and a massive scam, and my opinion on them almost certainly doesn’t matter to most readers. If this is your kind of thing, then congrats, you’re getting a snowboard NFT collection, I guess…

Image Credit: Kemper Snowboards on Instagram