Highlights From The Absolutely Insane Nines'22

Highlights From The Absolutely Insane Nines'22


Highlights From The Absolutely Insane Nines'22


Unfortunately, the Nines’22 in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, has come to a conclusion. Fortunately, some pretty wild footage from the event has blessed the internet. From the first frontside triple 1260 by a woman to the first snowboard 2160 landed by 16-year-old Hiroto Ogiwara, the event was packed with insanity.

“You’ve got to picture just, one of the gnarliest, craziest playgrounds you can ever imagine, and then you have these really talented children that can flip off all these different features in that playground.” – Ski Highlights, The Nines’22

Three enormous features with smaller ones inside, including massive jumps, funky bowls, and the world’s first downward spiral in snow, set the stage for the week, and it in no way disappointed.

“The set up, I don’t know what to call the features. Everything is like, it comes from the future, you know?”Snowboard Highlights, The Nines’22

My only slight complaint was how little the downward spiral was featured, but I guess there’s not much you could theoretically do there beside ride through it. All in all, these highlights haven’t failed to get me going. Maybe someday the downward spiral will be featured in parks around the world and I’ll be able to try it myself (I’d probably break a few bones if I did…)

Image Credit: The Nines on YouTube

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