FUNNY: Shaun White Has Never Heard of ON3P Skis

FUNNY: Shaun White Has Never Heard of ON3P Skis


FUNNY: Shaun White Has Never Heard of ON3P Skis


The ON3P Skis crew was filming a short edit at Woodward Park City earlier this season when they ran into none other than Shaun White. Now, I don’t know if Shaun was doing a bit or not, but he definitely seemed like he had never heard of ON3P, and couldn’t even get the name right on camera.

I’m leaning towards this being legit, but I’m not 100% sure. It’s still really funny either way, and is actually some good marketing for ON3P’s demographic.

Think about it…They’re skis made for park, freeride, freestyle, and touring skiers that the world’s most famous snowboarder has never even heard of. That’s kind of cool in a way.

Check out the full edit below. There’s some nasty park skiing on either side of the Shaun White encounter. You can skip ahead to the 1:58 mark of the video if you’re just hear to see the White clip.

Side note, but I haven’t really looked into ON3P in the last couple of years. My brother loves his pair of Kartel 98s with custom American Flag graphics, but I feel like ON3P has just fallen off my radar.

I’m glad I saw the video above, because their lineup looks downright sweet. I mean, just look at these topsheets alone. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t mind looking at these sticks on your feet while you’re out on the mountain.

Not sure if ON3P would get into any legal trouble, but they should really market the fact that Shaun White has never heard of their brand. It’s hilarious, and actually makes me want to buy a pair even more.

‘ON3P- Skis So Sick That Even Shaun White Has Never Heard of Them.’

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