Top 15 Dog-Friendliest City In America

Top 15 Dog-Friendliest City In America


Top 15 Dog-Friendliest City In America


Dogs deserve to live the best lives possible, whether that’s through good food, plenty of pets and scratches, a perfect location to live, or everything combined. Personally, I believe all dogs should have plenty of space to roam and explore and a backyard to be free to do whatever in. However, I understand that people can’t choose where to live based on the fact that they own a dog.

Fortunately, thanks to some researchers at, we now have a list of the best cities for our furry friends. The list is compiled considering several things, including number of parks and green spaces, local pet stores, whether or not there are state or local level bans on specific breeds, and more.

So, without further ado, here’s the top fifteen most dog-friendly cities in the Untied States.

  1. Portland, ME
  2. Eugene, OR
  3. Fort Collins, CO
  4. Ventura, CA
  5. Asheville, NC
  6. Portland, OR
  7. Canton, OH
  8. Ormond Beach, FL
  9. Colorado Springs, CO
  10. Stamford, CT
  11. Ann Arbor, MI
  12. San Diego, CA
  13. Santa Barbara, CA
  14. Sarasota, FL
  15. Port St. Lucie, FL

I have to say, as someone who was born and raised in Maine, it’s great to see our Portland on the top of the list. Screw you Oregon, WE win this time.

Image Credit: Fort Collins Colorado, Portland Maine Old Port, We ❤️ Portland, Oregon, and Colorado Springs, Colorado on Instagram

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