Skydiving With Skis...Now This I Gotta See

Skydiving With Skis...Now This I Gotta See


Skydiving With Skis...Now This I Gotta See


We highly discourage jumping off chairlifts at ski resorts but when they’re hung below a hot air ballon hovering over the French Alps at 21,325 feet and you’re wearing a parachute we fully support it. Check out Fred Fugen’s doing what he calls “Sky Skying” high above La Clusaz in a video part dedicated to his cameraman and friend Vince Reffet who passed away in 2020. Read accompanying article HERE:

Sky Skiing project is out!  It’s a tribute to my brother Vince Reffet . We imagined this project together after Vince developed the MUTANT Harness from United Parachute Technologies. Since we were able to really speedride with this harness, why not freefly with skis and do the combo with a Performance Designs Valkyrie?! Vince called this harness the MUTANT as a tribute to Antoine Montant, our dear friend and Speedriding pioneer who helped him at the beginning, so it’s also a tribute to Antoine.

We started skydiving with skis together with Vince in 2018, we already had some nice moves like the famous « head to head » . I had to complete this « mission » for both of us, it was a dream we had and I wanted to realize it. I hope you will enjoy the result!

I believe this combo is a World First, as well as skydiving from a chairlift! How fun that was!!

I’m now alone in front of the camera but not alone in the making, it was a great team work! Huge thx to everyone who helped me! Huge thx to my friend Dino Raffaultwho helped me organize the whole thing from the beginning and did the best video production, huge thx to my friend and team mate Vincent Cotte who did all the skydiving training with me to get the best shots in frefall.
Thx to my buddy Thibault Gachet_films for the sick edit.

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