Selkirk Powder Company: The Best Way To Ski Northern Idaho

Selkirk Powder Company: The Best Way To Ski Northern Idaho


Selkirk Powder Company: The Best Way To Ski Northern Idaho


Let’s be real for a moment. Northern Idaho isn’t widely considered a premiere powder skiing destination like Utah, Wyoming, or the Sierras, but it should be.

The Selkirk Mountains offer expansive opportunities to see and ski one of the most beautiful places in the country, and there’s no better way to soak it all in than with Selkirk Powder Company.

Selkirk Powder Co. has been offering guided backcountry skiing since 2003, and is conveniently located at Schweitzer Mountain Resort in Sandpoint, ID.

They offer guided snowcat, helicopter, self-propelled, and snowmobile-assisted alpine ski and Polaris Adventures snowmobile excursions on over 175,000 acres across the Selkirk Mountains.

We recently had the opportunity to join Selkirk Powder Co., and it was an absolute blast. There’s just nothing like accessing a new area than with a snow cat and guides that know the terrain like the back of their hands.

One aspect of Selkirk Powder Co., that makes the operation so unique, is that the cat-skiing base is located at the top of Schweitzer Mountain Resort, just a stone’s throw away from the resort lifts. This means that you take the chairlift up in the morning and get your first run before even entering the cat. This is different from just about any other cat operation which requires a long drive out from the base and up the hill before getting to click into your skis.

The close proximity to the lifts also means that Moms and Dads can sneak off for a day of powder skiing while little Jonny is in ski school at Schweitzer. It also means that you can create a ski trip that offers a mixed bag of resort and cat-skiing all from the same location.

Once you’ve clicked into your skis or snowboard, you’ll find the terrain at Selkirk Powder Guides fun and playful. It’s not heart-in-your-throat terrain, but with the snow stacked up deep and miles of terrain all to yourself, the experience is one that will put a huge grin on the face of even the most jaded skier or rider.

Adding to that grin will be the knowledge that you’re getting a bargain for a day of cat-skiing. A typical day of cat-skiing can run well north of $1,000 but at Selkirk Powder Guides you get an entire day of cat-skiing for just $460.

Selkirk Powder Co. is the ideal way to experience the vast terrain located in Northern Idaho. Add it to your skiing bucket list now.

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