Vintage Photos Emerge Of A Famous Midwestern Ski Area

Vintage Photos Emerge Of A Famous Midwestern Ski Area


Vintage Photos Emerge Of A Famous Midwestern Ski Area


May be an image of 1 person, outdoors and text that says 'Adolph Schlub February 1965'

Tyrol Basin in Mt. Horeb, WI might not seem like much to an outsider, but many skiers and snowboarders in south central Wisconsin call it home.

The ski area provides a rare opportunity for downhill sliding in the area, and is only a 35-minute drive from downtown Madison, WI. It’s an unofficial hub for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts, and it provides relief for those looking for a downhill thrill.

I’ve enjoyed numerous trips to Tyrol since I moved to the Madison, WI area about four years ago. That’s why I had to post a quick blog about these vintage pictures I found on Facebook.

The pictures were taken by Adolph Schlub in February of 1965. The ski area was called Norway Basin back then, and the terrain looked vastly different than it does now.

Check out the photos posted to the Lost Wisconsin Ski Area Facebook page:

I’m not sure why these photos were posted to the ‘Lost Wisconsin Ski Areas’ page considered Tyrol is still alive and well, but I’m glad they were nonetheless.

The photos show a different time in skiing’s history. Nobody has fancy clothes, expensive gear, or even jackets that look remotely waterproof.

I’m sure the lifts were slow and the snow quality was terrible, but that didn’t stop hundreds of people from coming out. It was just about skiing. That’s it. That’s kind of refreshing to see, isn’t it?

May be an image of 10 people, people standing, outdoors and text that says 'Adolph Schlub February 1965'

It’s also really weird how barren the ski area looks in these photos. Tyrol is covered in trees, but these photos were clearly taken before those trees were planted.

Patrick S. said in the comments about the trees: “All those pine trees that are there now were planted by the ski team kids in 77 I think. Ross and Jim got 1,000 seedlings and we had a sleepover work weekend.”

That explains it.

^Tyrol Basin today. Credit: Indy Pass Media Kit/Tyrol Basin

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed checking out these old photos of Tyrol Basin whether you’ve been there or not. They provide a rare, high-quality view into what the ‘glory days’ of skiing were like at one of Wisconsin’s most historic ski areas.

Thanks for reading!

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