University of Utah Engineers Design Electric Actuated "Tetra-Ski"

University of Utah Engineers Design Electric Actuated "Tetra-Ski"


University of Utah Engineers Design Electric Actuated "Tetra-Ski"


“You can actually puff a little bit to turn right, sip a little to turn left and you have control of everything in between.” –Dr. Jeffrey Rosenbluth

Really cool new bit of high tech adaptive ski gear designed by University of Utah engineers and scientists to allow those with complex disabilities to downhill ski again. Designers recently headed up to Alta to demonstrate the Tetra-Ski.:

“The TETRA ski has wide base skis. So, you are kind of naturally balanced on the snow. We have electric actuators on each ski. Those are controlled by either a joystick if you have enough upper extremity function, or if you don’t, if you have no function in your trunk, your arms, and even your neck, we’re able to use your breath to actually control the ski.” –Dr. Jeffrey Rosenbluth

For the demonstration the sled was tethered to a follow skier but whoever is in the sled has full control:

“The role of the instructor to have the tether is really just in case there was a catastrophic failure, which we would never be able to live with ourselves. So, I can put on the emergency brake very quickly if I needed to. But the whole goal in this sport, in the tetra ski, is for me to do nothing — to hang out and maybe give a few pointers and just have a great time.

There is a Tetra Ski competition race set to be held at Powder Mountain on March 25, 2022 and the adaptive skiing community has shown interest in including it as a Winter Paralympic discipline, which would make it the first Paralympic sport quadriplegics and other complex disability athletes could compete in. Very cool.

For complete info on the Tetra-Ski please GO HERE:

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