Since Ralph DesLauriers opened up Bolton Valley in 1966, he has faced a lot of obstacles. He has chronicled many of them in the video series “Story Time with Ralph.” In the latest episode, he discusses the challenges they originally faced with their access road. The road leading up to the resort is steep and curvy, and many cars in their early years only had two-wheel drive. In response, the resort bought “pusher trucks” that helped struggling guests up to the resort. The video is below, and you can watch the rest of Ralph’s stories here.

“And we’re back with Season 3 of ‘Story Time with Ralph.’
With this week’s installment, our fearless founder recalls the ‘Pusher Trucks’ we used to help folks get up the access road back in the day.
‘Well, some people appreciated it. Some people didn’t. But the rule was, after the S Curve… you had to have the car going 30 miles an hour and then they could spin their way up to the parking lot.’
We look forward to releasing a few more episodes in the coming weeks, but to refresh on some of Ralph’s other stories go here:
Image Credits: Bolton Valley

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