Fire fighters from a department Streator, Illinois rescued a golden retriever trapped in a five foot sink hole on Saturday, February 12. According to Newsweek, the department was called to the scene when another dog alerted their owner to the stuck pooch. The hole was reportedly covered in snow, so it’s not unlikely that the dog wouldn’t have been found for quite a while.

Originally, the team placed a later into the hole with the hopes that Macy (the stuck dog) would be able to climb out, but she was unable to do so. Instead, the team wrapped webbing around the dog and pulled her out with that. You can see the ground give out underneath Chief McClellen’s feet causing him to  fall over and nearly into the hole. Fortunately, the team was able to get Macy out of the hole and back to her family, nearly 24 hours after she had gone missing.

This story has it all. Good people, a hero dog (the buddy who alerted his/her owner), and a happy and safe pooch. I love dog rescues, and I’m glad Macy here was able to find safety. Shout out to the Streator Fire Fighters for doing the good work!

Image and Video Credit: Streator Fire Fighters on Facebook

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