New Girl Puppy In A Cup GIFs | Tenor

I’m gonna get a little cliché here, but I love dogs. Side Note- Isn’t it weird that loving dogs has become cliché thanks to the internet? People just like to ruin everything for everybody.


Instagram account @michigansetters shared the video below with us, and I just had to write something about it. I mean, what do you expect? Do you honestly think I could resist a video that includes adorable dogs, oversized goggles, and EDM music? I’m only human.

Here are my weaknesses in no particular order in case you’re trying to blackmail me, scam me, or devise some other malicious plan that exploits me: skiing, skis, ski gear, ski talk, talking about skiing, skiing, skiing, skiing, dogs, mountains, snow, skiing, cheese, bread, apple pie, ice cream, skiing, steak, skiing, and oh yeah… skiing.

Also, dogs wearing ski goggles.