“Watch our Kozy project that we made during a nasty Covid winter in Iceland.”

With a new baby and Covid shutting down travel, Halldor Helgason stuck to his native Iceland for his latest video project KOZY. Badass edit filmed entirely on the land of fire and ice:

“KOZY was supposed to be a cozy project mainly filmed around Iceland. I became a dad on 12th of November 2020 and Covid was still booming, so it was the perfect time to explore Iceland and see what it had to offer. I quickly got the reminder of how unpredictable the weather is in Iceland, and it was not on our side last winter. We ended up not having much snow at all and crazy windy pretty much all season but we did the best of what we had and here you have our KOZY Edit.”

Congratulations to Halldor on the birth of his baby girl Lena Lív Halldórsdóttir. Skál!

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