Thayne Rich Lands Switch Off EVERYTHING In New Edit

Thayne Rich Lands Switch Off EVERYTHING In New Edit


Thayne Rich Lands Switch Off EVERYTHING In New Edit


Thayne Rich just dropped a “new” edit on 4FRNT’s YouTube channel that is made from footage captured during the 2015-2016 season. The footage apparently got caught in limbo, and is finally being released for our viewing pleasure.

It’s short and sweet, but I can’t get enough of watching Thayne land switch off every backcountry kicker. It shouldn’t be possible, but he just manages to perfectly lace those last-second 180s to land switch and ride away backwards in glory. It’s one of my favorite things to watch, honestly.

I also can’t help but make a comment about the fact that this footage is finally being released 6 years later. It just seems fitting that his “hard drive was tossed around” for more than half-a-decade, ya know? That’s the true ski bum mentality if you ask me. Get out there, record some sick footy, and then not sweat over releasing it to the masses in any sort of time frame. Just the way it should be.


“This was one of the best seasons I’ve ever had. It was my first year shooting with Good Company and Level1. Everything came together and I was in the right place at the right time; not to mention there were all-time conditions that year. It was also always a dream of mine to build my own pro-model ski, and this was the first year of building the InThayne with 4FRNT. I finally got the hard drive to my good friend and editor, Michael Brown from Sweetgrass productions and we put together ‘Better Late Than Never’. Hope you enjoy it. Skiing: Thayne Rich Edit: Michael Brown”


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