Mount Bohemia TV Is The Greatest Series Ever Created

Mount Bohemia TV Is The Greatest Series Ever Created


Mount Bohemia TV Is The Greatest Series Ever Created


No. The title of this blog isn’t hyperbole or an exaggeration. Mount Bohemia TV is the greatest series I’ve ever watched.

Some of you might think it’s The Sopranos, The Wire, Breaking Bad or some other high-budget production that’s been broadcasted on more traditional channels, but you’re wrong. Let me tell you why.

Mount Bohemia is a weird place, and I say that with all of the affection in the world. It’s not surprising when you consider that it’s a 900′ vertical mountain that averages nearly 300″ of snow at the tippy-top of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula that only charges $99 for a season pass. The place just attracts a certain clientele that exudes weirdness in the best way possible.

What’s so great about Mount Bohemia TV is that they’ve manage to capture those weird moments, and turn it into marketing gold for the mountain. I knew about Mount Bohemia long before I moved to the Midwest, and that’s entirely due to the Mount Bohemia TV series.

Creator Joey Wallis has done a fantastic job in turning the uniqueness of that ski resort into a tangible experience that can be viewed by anybody with an internet connection.

Mount Bohemia TV almost feels like a real-life unscripted version of NBC’s ‘The Office’ that takes place at a ski resort. You get to peer into the day-to-day lives of the cast of characters running one of the most unique ski resorts in the country, and I just don’t think anything gets better than that.

I’ve had numerous times where I’ve busted out laughing at some ridiculous conversation by the characters on the show, and then have been enthralled immediately afterwards with awesome shots of deep powder skiing.

Watching the series before I ever went to Mount Bohemia also gave me a sense that I was on a real-life Hollywood set when I finally did get to go. I saw the faces of the employees featured in the episodes and felt like I already knew them. It’s a bizarre experience, but again in the best way possible.

I highly encourage all of you reading this blog to go and watch every single episode of Mount Bohemia TV, and re-watch those episodes if you’ve already seen them before. It’s pure skiing entertainment gold.

You can watch most of the episodes here. Have fun, and I hope you’ve blocked out the next few hours to binge watch the hell out of these videos. You won’t be able to stop once you’ve started.

Mount Bohemia’s $99 season pass sales runs until December 4th. Grab that insanely cheap deal while you still can! Click here for more info.

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