Movie Review: Warren Millers "Winter Starts Now"

Movie Review: Warren Millers "Winter Starts Now"


Movie Review: Warren Millers "Winter Starts Now"


Lebanon Opera House

Last Sunday night, I got to check out the newest Warren Miller film, Winter Starts Now in Lebanon, New Hampshire. It’s best to get there a bit early, as there are usually a few stands to check out. The ones at my show were Dan Egan giving out signatures with his new book Thirty Years in a White Haze, discounted membership opportunities for Outside+, and the folks from Majestic Heli Ski in Alaska, who show up in the final segment of the film. Another important note: for many locations, you will have to bring a vaccination card or negative Covid test in to watch the flick. You will also likely need to bring a mask to wear inside the venue, because you know, the elephant in the room for nearly the past two years.

WME#72, Winter Starts Now, Maine Segment, Sugarloaf

The crew shot on location at Sugarloaf, Snow King, Howelsen Hill, Palisades Tahoe, Sun Valley, Solitude, Majestic Heli Ski in Alaska, and more spots. Some of the most significant moments in the film include Vasu Sojitra and Pete McAfee completing the first adaptive ski descent of Mt. Denali, and a chat with the National Brotherhood of Skiers, an organization that has helped African Americans get into the sport of skiing for decades. My favorite segment was Marcus Caston hitting up local ski hills Snow King and Howelsen Hill. Both ski areas have undergone big changes this offseason, so it’s cool to see someone rip them before they change. At Howelsen, Marcus Caston ripped groomers and also hit massive ski jumps, which is what makes Howelsons experience so unique in the heart of the town of Steamboat. Winter Starts Now is a great time, and is a must-watch for skiers to fire them up for ski season. The diversified locations will connect many to the film. You can check out the upcoming showtimes here.

Image/Video Credits: Warren Miller Entertainment, Lebanon Opera House, Ian Wood

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