Have you ever wanted to live in a van?

Seventy-One-year-old Craig Bierly has been living this dream for about thirteen years. Driven by his passions of bicycling and mountain biking, Craig has driven across the forty-eight states in his green sprinter van to find the best spots to rip. Craig Bierly spent twenty-six years in the lucrative aerospace industry, but instead of chilling out and retiring, he has hit the road and recorded all the places and mileage that he has done. So far, he has done more than 35,000 miles on 2500 rides in the lower forty-eight states. He’s become especially close to the Bend area. One such business is 10 Barrell Brewing Co, which serves his favorite kind of beer. This is a great watch for those who wonder what it’s like to travel consistently and live the van life.

You can read the Freehub Magazines profile about Craig Bierly here.

Image/Video Credits: Freehub Magazine

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