I love how getting that perfect fishing spot can drive diehard fishermen insane. I feel like I get buzzed by a flurry of fishing boats going Mach 8 a few times times a year as they race each other to the perfect fishing spot on the lake I frequent. That behavior is reckless and dangerous, but definitely not as stupid as the actions in the video below.

These dudes decide to launch their fishing boat down a 150′ cliff because the boat launch downstream was crowded. He makes a bunch of disclaimers in the video description about how nobody should try this, and that the video isn’t meant to show people how to launch their boat down a cliff. BUT, he spends about 5 minutes showing people exactly how to launch their boat down a 150′ cliff with step-by-step instructions…

It all turned out well for these brazen fishermen, but was it really worth it? They could have injured themselves, injured somebody else, and/or damaged their boat by doing this kind of shit. These guys are willing to do just about anything if it means they can hook a fish on their rods. Seems silly to me, but I guess I’ve done some pretty stupid stuff for turns on snow. We’re just all a little bit crazy.

Fly Fish Hunter: “WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS!!! WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT to launch your boat using these techniques. This is NOT an instructional video on how to launch a boat. This is simply a video documenting our fishing trip, and how I chose to launch my boat on that particular day. This type of boat launching is inherently dangerous to people and property. As always, consult an expert before attempting a difficult launch, and LAUNCH AT YOUR OWN RISK! THANK YOU ALL for checking out this video and I so appreciate all the positive comments and new subscribers to my channel! Fishing is a major passion of mine and I’m excited to bring some of my adventures to you. Enjoy and be safe!! Video description: A crowded boat launch forced us to head upstream to a nasty launch where very few boats are able to go. Its a launch few people attempt, but the reward was having the upper stretch of a beautiful river all to ourselves. Down river, a downed tree tried to spoil our plans but we were able to overcome that obstacle as well. This year the steelhead returns have been brutal, but we were able to find a chromer in the midst of a nasty downpour. Hope you enjoy the adventure as much as we did!”