Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Some people love mashed potatoes and gravy while others are partial to turkey or stuffing. Those of us afflicted with a sweet tooth look forward to dessert. Pie is widely regarded as the dessert of choice for Thanksgiving.

Hershey’s has announced that they will be producing 3000 pie-sized Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. They are 9-inches in diameter and weigh approximately 3.5 pounds. They were available for pre-order online. Unfortunately, according to the website, they are already sold out. These bad boys sold for $45 per pie + shipping.

Some pie enthusiasts might look down at these packaged Reese’s “pies”. They may not be homemade and we might question the quality of the “peanut butter”, but it sure sounds tasty.

Images From: Hershey’s Website

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