You guys probably know by now that I’m a skiing/snowboarding movie fanatic. I love just sitting down and watching how people creatively show others doing things on the mountain that I’ll never be able to do.

Ski movies are their own unique artform, and GOOD LUCK establishes it’s own vibe by applying modern editing techniques to footage of badass skiing.

I really enjoyed the grainy filters and the delightful music of this movie. The skiing was pretty damn sweet as well.

Hope you enjoy this quick 21-minute video from Deviate Films, Jossi Wells, and Torin Yater Wallace. It’s definitely worth the watch, and I’ll probably end up watching it again this weekend!

Deviate Films: “The second ski film from Torin Yater Wallace & Jossi Wells. Added to the crew this year are young guns and legends of the sport alike, with Chris Logan and Birk Irving now in the Deviate crew mix. Captured by the lens of Sean Logan in the deep backcountry throughout Wyoming and Idaho, the Deviate crew found their fair share of big jumps, deep powder pockets, and diverse terrain. Good Luck to ya buddy!”

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