Photos credit: Colorado Parks & Wildlife Northeast Region

Not sure how this bull moose got a tiny bucket stuck on its antlers, but it was kind of funny considering he spotted on Halloween.

You think he was going door to door asking for treats? What do moose even eat? Leaves?

Imagine if a bull moose came knocking on your door on Halloween asking if he could have a few bites of the fallen leaves sitting in a pile in your backyard.

That would honestly be an efficient way of getting rid of them come to think of it… Anybody got a pet moose I can take off your hands? I got about 10 billion leaves sitting in my backyard that just fell of the tree. Nice and fresh!

In all seriousness, I hope the bucket falls off or doesn’t cause this moose any problems. I guess he might have to wait until he sheds his antlers if somebody doesn’t remove it or it doesn’t fall off on its own.