“We do get avalanches in Colorado in October. It doesn’t happen every year.” –CAIC’s Ethan Greene

Heads up ya’ll, The Colorado Avalanche Information Center is warning backcountry travelers about potentially dangerous conditions following Tuesday’s snowstorm. FOX21 reports on Sunday, a backcountry skier posted a video showing a small slide on Loveland Pass. CAIC shared it to help educate the public about conditions.

“In this one there’s a fellow who’s on skis near Loveland Pass and he’s walking down a ridgeline and kind of going into the deeper snow a little bit, and he creates some cracks that shoot across the slope and create a small but significant avalanche.” 

Early season slides don’t typically contain enough snowpack to bury anyone but they pose a different type of danger:

“The real danger is the terrain. You go for a little ride in a small avalanche, but there’s not much snow cover so you get beat up along the rocks.” 

Be aware that even though it October, avalanches danger exists. For all the latest avalanche forecasts in Colorado and additional safety resources please GO HERE.

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