It is October and the Major League Baseball playoffs are in full swing. Well, some ignorant and/or inconsiderate tourist caught baseball fever and decided to bring a bat, tee, and ball with him to Grand Canyon National Park. He then proceeded to put the pull on the tee and hit it into the Grand Canyon. Why? Good question.

The incident was photographed and the National Park released the image to the public to get help identifying this fellow. This wasn’t some confused 16-year old kid causing some mischief, the perpetrator appears to be in his 40s or potentially early 50s. According to a report in KSL, the man has been identified and park officials have been in contact with him. His name is not being released at this time.

Visitors are not allowed to throw or hit, items into the mile-deep Grand Canyon. From that height, a falling object could seriously injure a person or animal below. In addition, the object could knock rocks loose and cause a rockslide that could damage the landscape.

Images From: Grand Canyon National Park Facebook Page