How’d you like to own a Smart Car on skids? Well you’re going to need some patience because finding one of these 2004 Ski-Doo Elite 1.5L Side by Side Snowmobile ain’t as easy as walking into the dealership with a wad a cash.

Ski-Doo originally debuted the two-seater Elite model back in 1973 (pictured above) and continued to produce them until 1983. They billed them as the safest/smoothest way to get around on snow but had a hard time moving them because snowmobilers generally didn’t want a conservative experience out on the trails.

Ski-Doo gave it one last shot and reintroduced the side by side style machines in 2004 complete with airplane cockpit inspired steering wheels with heated grips and twin SC-3 rear slide suspension. Once again the cushy machines were met with a luke warm reception and were only made for one year. Pretty neat little machines, good luck finding one:

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