Mr. Dimitris Managas is an absolute legend. Plain and simple.

The 87-year-old has been skiing since the 1950s in Greece. Back then there weren’t any ski chalets, lifts, or facilities. Him and his buddies just had a passion for the mountains and wanted to learn to ski- so they did.

Now, at almost 90 years-old, Managas has decided to give modern ski-touring a go, and the short film by Frozen Ambrosia is an absolute gem.

Such an awesome story, and I’m so glad that Frozen Ambrosia took the time to tell it. It will surely make you smile and get you buzzing with good vibes heading into the weekend!

Make sure to turn the subtitles on to translate from Greek to English, and enjoy friends.

Frozen Ambrosia: “Astamatitos is a short film about ski touring in Greece. At the age of 87, Mr. Dimitris Managas of Thessaloniki has decided to try ski mountaineering. His close friend and protege Asterios Serdaris has talked him into it. As it turns out, this isn’t his first time. Sixty years ago, Managas was one of the first downhill skiers of Greece. At that time no chairlifts existed and skiing by default was ski mountaineering. With the help of Asterios, Mr. Managas visits 3-5 Pigadia ski area and begins his climb up the mountain, proving once and for all that age is just a number.”