Oh, the things you can see when you live in the desert…

This homeowner in a Phoenix, AZ suburb witnessed a bobcat climb a 40′ saguaro cactus to escape the clutch of a preying mountain lion. Now, I wasn’t exactly aware that mountain lions hunt bobcats, but I guess I’m not surprised.

I am surprised, however, that a bobcat could climb a 40′ tall cactus without severely injuring itself, or worse. I guess he chose to climb a tall green tower of prickly thorns of death over the jaws of a big mountain lion. I guess I would do the same?

zebz2610: “A passer by saw a mountain lion chasing this bobcat early morn. The bobcat dashed up this 40′ saguaro to escape. It came down by itself later in the day. I filmed in Gold Canyon, AZ……. 2 homes down from mine.”

Videos like this always make me wish I lived out west. The wildlife here in the Midwest is so boring. Coolest thing I’ve seen since I moved here was a group big turkeys crossing the road. That’s nothing compared to bobcats, mountain lions, and cactuses taller than my house.