Excellent free snowboarding film by Rusty Toothbrush chronicling an intrepid crew of snowboarders as the travel around Italy in search of unique urban features and backcountry zones ripe for booters. The entire soundtrack is by Italian artists, if you’re interested find links to all songs below video:

“Two Vans No Plans follows the Rusty Toothbrush family on a whirlwind road trip throughout Italy in our modified 80s campers and a customized XT600 motorbike (turned winch-bike). Regular breakdowns, funny antics and plenty of insane snowboard clips will keep you on the edge of your seat and hyped for a winter where we can all live just as wild and free.”

Music in this video

Song: Love Turns Around (Don’t Look Back)

Artist: Bob Corn

Song: Mediterraneo

Artist: Il pan del diavolo

Song: I’m Just a Cyborgs and I Don’t Believe in God

Artist: The Cyborgs

Song: Walking the Night

Artist: Moses Concas

Song: Wrong (Dover Remix)

Artist: Berg

Song: Il domani (feat. Sacri Cuori)

Artist: Il pan del diavolo

Song: Vivere fuggendo

Artist: Il pan del diavolo